PRIMA is a non-governmental non-profit organization associating professionals and volunteers in order to contribute to tackling the drug problem with the emphasis on implementing Harm Reduction projects – reducing drug-related harm. Trafficking activity is focused on field social work and work in the Contact Center with a hidden population of active drug users, as well as people who consume alcohol, people working in sexbusiness and homeless people.


STREETWORK – It’s work on the street and in the places where people are in need of our help. In this environment, we are particularly concerned with those who take drugs, have no place to live, prostitute to earn the drug. It is about contacting drug users, exchanging used needles and syringes, and providing medical supplies (injectable water, alcohol and dry swabs, filters, ascorbins, quick freezes …) and condoms. We try to lead our clients to less risky behaviors (safer drug use, safe sex, etc.). We are in the terrain for clients and clients three times a week.

THE CONTACT CENTRE – It is the center of first contact that focuses on working with active drug users. Thus, who are motivated to receive treatment as well as those who do not want or can not abstain. Therefore, it also focuses on the part of the user population that is not captured by devices with a higher threshold (eg medical devices). It is open twice a week.

We also provide:

  • possibility to add a wardrobe,
  • labor, crisis intervention, social counseling,
  • food service (coffee, tea)
  • testing of infectious diseases (HIV, HEP B, HEP C, SYPHILIS),
  • printing a CV or other required documents,
  • rental of books and magazines,
  • leaflets and brochures,
  • the magazine for active drug users „On the Road“,
  • basic treatment.


You can support our work financially by this donation website: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/god-forgotten-place/x/17589388

You can also support us in these ways:

  • clothes, shoes, bags, sleeping bags donation
  • food, coffee, tea donation
  • toiletries donation
  • office equipment, office supplies donation


Občianske združenie Prima
Hviezdoslavovo nám. 17
811 01 Bratislava

+421948 144 668

email: zdruzenie.prima.ba@gmail.com

www: www.primaoz.sk